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An initiative created within the scope of the Regional Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014-2020 - Operation Type 16.1.01 – Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability – Focus Area 5E - Project CASTANI-CO


The cultivation of chestnuts is part of the typical traditional culture of mountainous areas of the Emilia Romagna Region, which undoubtedly play a positive role in carbon sequestration and consequently in the range of strategies to mitigate climate change. Analogously to the situation all over Italy, a slow and constant crisis caused by the presence of parasites and repeated unfavourable meteorological events has led to chestnut cultivation being abandoned. Despite the marked reduction in the areas and the market, chestnut producers in the Emilia-Romagna Region are very active and have organised specific groups of producers to promote chestnut cultivation, cultivation techniques, specific local varieties as well as the territory which produces them.

CASTANI-CO, a three-year project funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region for the purposes of Measure 16 of the RDP 2014-2020, came into being in response to the need to learn more about the organic content and related carbon sequestration of soils in chestnut orchards, and to understand how cultivation techniques can improve the soil as a carbon sink.

The main objective of the project is therefore to monitor the carbon footprint of chestnut orchards by evaluating organic carbon sequestrated in the soil and the plants comparing different management practices. This will be performed by observations in the field, studying the soil, sampling and chemical analysis in the chestnut orchards of partner farms located in pedologically different environments. The results will be used to identify and share the “guidelines to improve chestnut orchard management in order to obtain a high-quality product and promote carbon sequestration”.

The working method envisages a shared participatory approach in order to bring research results and the needs of the chestnut growers closer together: an important step towards a “territorial culture” intended to raise awareness and promote the role that chestnut growers play in the protection of the territory and safeguarding the environment by producing high-quality products.

FUNDING: RDP 2014-2020 EMILIA-ROMAGNA REGION Measure 16.1.01 – Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability.

% FUNDING: 100% Measure 16 Focus Area 5E - 80% Measure 1
TOTAL COST: 199358.74 €
GRANT PERMITTED: 198862.74 €
With the contribution of EAFRD:

Project start date: 15/11/2017; Project end date: 14/11/2020


I.Ter Soc. Coop. (Group Leader)
Alma Mater Studiorum – Bologna University
Società Agricola Terra Amica dei Menetti S.S.
Azienda Teggiolina di Picciati Marco
Azienda Tizzano di Fogacci Stefano
Società Agricola Monari & C. S.S.
Azienda Agricola Antico Bosco di Canovi Daniele
Consorzio Castanicoltori dell'Appennino Bolognese
Consorzio Castanicoltori dell'Appennino Reggiano
Associazione Nazionale Città del Castagno
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  • Carbon sequestration in chestnut orchards